Civil War…….No Really…..

I have so much free time on my hands and all. Okay, that’s a lie. I will start over. I have a sadistic side. Yes, that is better. I also have a huge weakness/strength when it comes to supporting community events here in my little town. I also have the Drama Queen. The Drama Queen has a boyfriend. The boyfriend has a father. The father has a military career. The military has a penchant for taking fathers and sending them overseas away from their families. This leaves Drama Queens trying to figure out how they can cheer up boyfriends who are sad because their fathers are gone because the military has a penchant for sending fathers overseas. Whew. Now you understand where the Civil War comes into play, right? No? Oh. Well, what the hell?! Please try to keep up, won’t you.

Fine, I will break it down Barney style for you. I offered to take them to the Civil War Re-enactment here in town. It is down on the riverfront, which happens to be my favorite place in town and one of my friends, who has since moved to Atlanta, started this particular event, so I was really wanting to see how it has been upheld. Which, I just have to say, Beth and Andrew are the names of the people who have taken over, and they have done a phenomenal job! Even better, James, the originator (which rhymes with Terminator, and is so hilarious because, no and NO, he is not the Terminator type) was in town for the event and I got to catch up with him! Huge bonus! We (meaning our entire community) miss him terribly!!! There were approximately 70 camps set up, with old Confederate and Yankee equipment, cannons, guns, attire, art, horses, cookware, chairs, and everything. It was fascinating. Especially to me, the girl who camps in hotels. Just sayin.

Oh, sorry, this was about Drama Queen and boyfriend. She was not thrilled about the offer. However, boyfriend jumped at the chance. He was getting to see Drama Queen. Duh! So, I took them, then I couldn’t get them to leave. It turns out Drama Queen has my need to dance……ummmm, unlike me, she will dance to Civil War era music, wearing her adorable plaid skirt (she looked like she was from the British side of the American Revolution) she danced all night long. A very attractive (okay, he was HAWT) Yankee soldier came and asked me to dance, I thanked him but declined, he was eerily insistent, as soon as he left, here came Drama Queen, boyfriend in tow, furious with me that she had sent the hottest guy there to dance with me and I rejected him. Then, I was really on the naughty list later when the dance caller person pointed out in the middle of the crowd that I had rejected him. Apparently he never gets turned down, I think we should all look at this as a good lesson for him to learn, right? Anyway, after they did the final cannon fires of the night, we were finally ready to leave.

But……not before I thought of my Wicked Ones and the fact that today was a hat day!!! So, I found an authentic Civil War Era soldiers hat and had my picture taken in it! Yes, I did. Don’t argue with me. I know, I know. I thought about how many heads it had been on. It skeeved me out a bit, but I love you people THAT much! See, you don’t appreciate me nearly as much as you should. Just sayin. 😉

We are now returning tomorrow to watch them do an actual field battle, complete with the rifles, horses and cannons.

Also, if you are reading this and you hold office or are running for an office in your town, please take notice of the following statement. I met people who had travelled from all over Kentucky, Indiana, Tennessee, Ohio and a few from further away. It is an absolute embarrassment that our mayor, city council members, county judge and other public office holders didn’t see fit to come down there and act as ambassadors of our community. Embarrassment!! They should all be ashamed of this poor behavior or oversight. It is inexcusable.

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