Some Things Should NOT Be Seen

I am not judging. I don’t care to judge, it’s not my place, but damnit, what’s with the overwhelming need to take so many revealing pix on the cellphone?????!!!

Actually, I will revise that. I don’t even give a damn what pix you take on your cellphone, but please and thank you, keep them to yourself.

So, imagine if you will, the new favorite game for the soldiers at my Knox location has become, “I’m having trouble saving info on my phone, can you help me? Oh, my bad. Is that a naked picture of me? Didn’t mean for you to see that!”

Really!!!! After having a picture of a female masturbating, followed by one of a naked soldier, thrust at my face this week, I am at the breaking point. It’s like a test of my Wickedness.

I’m not a modest person, by any means, but when I have my professional hat on, it’s a bit difficult to bite my tongue and roll with it. My overwhelming desire to turn to the soldier in question and say, “Seriously dude, if that is all you have to offer, you should turn the lights out before you take the picture.” or maybe something like, “This is why the software gods gave us Photoshop private, I suggest you use it.” But no, I’m at work, and therefore I must maintain some semblance of professionalism and dignity when faced with this utter, ridiculous bullshit!

Not to mention my employee, who is the one actually handling the customer, (pardon the pun) is the one going, “Oh my God, I am not helping you save these!” as she thrusts the phone at me. Or, in the case of the naked private, “Ummm, Shawn, you should see this.” Really, I did NOT need to see that!! I see that customer on a regular basis and now he has a creepy smile on his face every time I see him. Way to go, dumbass.

So, to all of you (Biscuit, heed my warning) who have taken any pix of questionable nature, make sure you transfer them to another storage media and delete them from your phone before your phone needs to be returned, worked on or exchanged. PLEASE. We don’t want to know you quite that well.