About me

My name is Amanda and this is my blob. I mean blog. The giant bird in the photo is not me. I don’t have quite as many feathers. You’ll usually find me lurking around, camera in hand, trying to blend in. But I never manage to blend in.

I currently reside in San Francisco but am looking for a way to sneak away and move to Paris. Or Amsterdam. Or London, as I’m dying to speak with a strange accent. Just like Madonna.

I’m married to a scruffy guy who cries at chick flicks and can’t eat dairy. My two daughters were born on the same day two years apart and look nothing like me.

In addition to the humans I live with, I have a dog named Mango who hails from Taiwan, and two cats who love to vomit all over my white furniture. And I’m totally typing this in the nude.


I have a job, and if you can guess what I do for a living I’ll send you my Uncle Brueg’s cremated remains. Yes, I’ll even include the fancy urn and his toupee, circa 1974.

I’m an avid music fan and only leave the house after dark to go to a club to see a band make sweet music. (That sounded weird and creepy) I like short walks on the beach, vegan chocolate peanut butter cookies, and anyone who can make me laugh (That also sounded weird)

Comments are strongly encouraged, I love comments. However I can no longer send egg rolls to every person who leaves a comment. I may be able to scrounge up a human toe. Or some raisins. So please, comment away…

You can email me if you’d like, I enjoy email. But please don’t try to sell me your junky products or tell me I suck. I’m really quite sensitive. You may offer me free things though, especially champagne. I love champagne. You may also advertise your butt cream here. For a price.