This Is Not A Test…Safety Gear Is Strongly Suggested

I have grown weary of myself. Waking each morning thinking, “What the fuck, Shawn? Miserable again today. Get over yourself already. Get yourself back together and move on with it.” Doing some sort of reverse countdown to when I will no longer allow myself to wake up feeling ‘not funny’, ‘not happy’, ‘not (omj, I can’t bear saying this) wicked’. Damn, that one hurt. Well, today was the day that I just decided enough was enough. Unfortunately, there are no fairies sweeping through here to sprinkle glitter and make everything sparkle again. I will need to do that myself. **tosses glitter in the air** Okay, in retrospect, the tossing of the glitter, symbolic as it may be, has now just left me with a glittery fucking mess. Think childhood and tinsel. You know, the chintzy stuff that you would find in May, stuck to a blanket or something. Nice.

Well, now that I’m all glittered up like a 7th Street hooker(7th is where we keep the low rent hookers in Louisville, for you weary travellers who might need to know), let us begin to get ourselves caught up.

So there was a funeral, immediately following said funeral, I might have escaped with my cousin, ran off to my grandparents home and sat atop what once seemed like a giant hill that we spent our childhood rolling down. We sat there talking about our grandfather, our grandmother, our lives, and the fact that everyone back at the cemetery was probably looking for me because they had spent 3 days pushing all decisions off on me. We also might have rolled down said hill in full funeral attire one last time, for nostalgia, but probably not because she is much more serious and responsible than me.

Then there was Father’s Day. The first one since my father received his clean bill of health from his oncologist. A celebration, of course. We gathered. We ate. We picked blueberries. Yeah, you read that correctly. See, dad is better, but not 100% yet, and his blueberries are something he takes a lot of pride in, so while there were a fuckton of people there, we picked them for him. We might have eaten a lot of pesticide free, fresh, delicious blueberries while we picked.

Then there was a nice, relaxing canoeing/kayaking trip down Blue River. That, about 9 miles into the 14 mile trip, went horribly wrong. We might have run into unexpected rapids in a bend, with an unexpected felled tree across the river, making it impassable. I might still be wearing a fucking splint on my arm, which is a good thing, because I was quick enough to get my arm up in front of my HEAD. Then we might have turned the canoe over completely, yes, as in cameras, cellphones, coolers, shoes, the whole fucking lot of it floating quickly through the rapids. Yes, that might be the way my life has been going lately.

Don’t get me wrong, it hasn’t all been bad. Not by any means. Father’s Day was a great day. It was just a bit bittersweet, what with it being “the day after” and all. Then there has been some really great sex thrown in here and there, that always brightens things up. Of course, one armed sex makes my usual antics a bit…well, less antic-like. 😉 There was a great trip to Churchill Downs, a day spent on the lake, just riding around on the boat, chilling and laughing.

By far, the most important is today, the day I decided the mourning and feeling blah is over. Be warned Wicked Ones. The time has come to get back to the bloggy goodness. Badness. Wickedness. More importantly, we need to make some changes around here. Someone mentioned spiderwebs, but really, I am thinking we need to take a flashlight to the corners of this place, there is some unused space, we may just have to fill it up with some goodies. *waggles eyebrows* I am feeling all glittery inside.

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