I Grant Me the Serenity

How long are we going to sit and wait?

We wait for approval……the approval of others? Approval from ourselves? The great unknown? The church? The government? The spouses? The family?

It seems everyone I know spends far too much time waiting for someone to approve of something. Their body, their hair, their decisions, their cooking.

There is even a prayer about granting us the serenity to understand the difference to knowing the things we can change and the things we cannot, just so we will be smart enough not to stress ourselves out about the approval of some deity. Does that help? Nope, people still stress out about gaining approval over things they have no control over.

Now, granted, I don’t really fall victim to the whole deity stress portion, what with me not actually believing in the deity and all, but I have been known to get somewhat stressed about part of the food getting cold before the rest of the food is finished being prepped and guests having a less than optimum experience. Or the fact that my body looks like I have had children. *oh wait, I’ve given birth to children, IMAGINE THAT*

So, the thing is, I woke up this morning and was sitting in my supremely quiet little mecca when I reached a decision. Fuck this, I don’t need someone else to grant me anything! I am granting myself some fucking serenity. (yes, that is exactly the way my inner dialogue goes, just except it, it’s who I am)

Sales numbers are down for the month…..you know what, it’s not the end of the world, they will climb back up next month with the rise of troop levels.

My body doesn’t look like that of the 25 year olds walking around. Ummm, I just realized, I weigh almost 70lbs less now than I did when I was 25 years old. HELLO! Serenity!

Nothing in my life is what I thought it would be when I reached this point.It’s okay to not be where you thought you would be when you thought you would be there. Life is like a road trip without a map. Don’t be that anal retentive asshole who plans out every bathroom stop on the trip. Stop to see the World’s Largest Rubber Band Ball just because you will never pass through again. Stand next to it and make silly faces. Life will be more fun.

Make life an adventure, embrace it, live it, ride this bitch like it’s a roller coaster!

Find a new hairdresser! (enough said)

Buy more wine.

Serenity, you are my bitch.

And yes, there will be t-shirts by the end of the week. Pre-orders will be accepted!

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