Day In and Day Out

So, last night before I was leaving work, one of the girls commented about a guy hitting on her and how she was really flattered because she wasn’t used to that. This struck me as very odd. We work with primarily guys, most of whom are single or away from their spouses and are all too happy to constantly flirt with us. In fact, flirt is an understatement. It is beyond an annoyance. To hear someone call it flattering was shocking to me. It is not flattering, not at all. It is not charming, nor amusing, not even tolerable, in most cases.

Don’t get me wrong, not every guy who comes within 20 feet of us is a douchebag, but a large percentage of them, yes. I have met some nice guys at work, two I would even call friends. Beyond that, asshats.

I mean, my feelings should be pretty evident by the relief I felt when the stalker was finally shipped off to Afghanistan. Seriously, I still have very little remorse in being relieved about that. Sure, I realize there is a very fucked up dynamic there, but self preservation being what it is, I choose me.

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