A Month Old Challenge……Continues…

I love stretching boundaries. I guess this comment could have gone unwritten for those of you who are regular readers, which is all 6 of you according to Sitemeter, but Google Analytics tells me I have more visitors than LiLo’s crotch (there ya’ go Elly), so I thought I should inform the new folks. 🙂

Today, I will be pushing several limits, starting off with the definition of a month. A challenge was issued to me back on Oct. 27, ummmm, yeah, so it might have been a little more than a month ago. In my defense, while KYA called it a month old challenge, I am pretty sure he let it sit for a little longer than a month too. If not, well, I am Wicked Shawn and I rule the Wicked World and I said so and……we are going to move on now damnit.

The actual gauntlet was thrown when I read this:

“Instead, maybe if you want to you can post your 8 answers in the comments. If you don’t want to, you don’t have to @wickedshawn. You can write angry letters to the government down there if you like.

For a bribe of $10k would you go through airport security naked?
How many bottles of liquor (no mixes, at least 80 proof) do you have readily accessible to you right now?
My dogs won’t stop eating cat poop. How do I make them stop?
What is your favorite band right now, who doesn’t play guitar?
What 80s theme song can you hum the most accurately?
How many tattoos (separate) do you have?
What’s better; cats or cheeseburgers?
Did you just grab my ass?
Now, I get all flummoxed and confused because other people started answering the questions in the comments and their names weren’t even WyckedShawn or Wicked Shaun or anything close or similar so I was all , “Hey, what the what?” am I wrong here or did he not intend for me to answer these important, life changing, ass grabbing questions for him? So, I being the supreme Wicked being that I am, decided to sit on them for a month (give or take a few days*ahem*) and answer them in my own blog. TADA.

Thus, we have todays post, also known as a “What the hell am I going to write about today, Oh hell I never answered KYA’s questions” post.

Now, let’s get to business.

1. $10,000 would be fine, but what with all of the touching they are doing, I will charge extra if they don’t make me writhe around and call out someone’s name. Obviously, I will be charging extra if they insist it is their name I call out. I don’t like being forced to concentrate while performing sex acts in public. It’s a thing.

2. Okay, I actually just got up and counted, please keep in mind it is the holiday season and entertaining happens, plus there is the odd bottle that gets opened then left, ya’ know, in case someone I don’t like shows up and I don’t want to break out the good stuff. Or for those people who simply have unavoidably bad taste. Oh fuck it, the answer is 11.

3. Just let them eat the damn cat. Problem solved. Yes, I am a dog girl. (sorry Elly and Kernut)

4. This was actually a hard question. I have ridiculously varied musical taste. I decided to go with 30 Seconds to Mars, mainly because I listen to more individual artists than bands, typically. However, their song, This is War, has been in my head constantly lately. I FUCKING LOVE THIS SONG. To answer the second half of your question, Joe Biden.

5. The Facts of Life. (you take the good, you take the bad, you take them both and there you have, the facts of life, the facts of life…..) You wish you hadn’t asked, right?????

6. 3 My photographer and I have already planned out a photo for the blog in which we will position me in such a way so that I am in a sheet and all three tatts will be visible.

7. It really depends on whether the cat has been waxed and what kind of cheese is on the burger.

8. Technically, no, that was my extender-handy-grab. I am short, remember????


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